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Our 1:1 virtual coaching allows you to go at your own pace while receiving enhanced support from our coaches. You’ll get the best of the Peak Performance Framework, moving through the three components – Know, Choose, and Energize – as you work through your challenges and spiral upward to reach your full potential. 

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Marty has been my coach for several years. He has helped me figure out what is most important to me at work and in life. Work is still stressful and I am working harder than ever to succeed and produce but I have never felt closer to my family and friends than I do now. Marty challenges me to be a better businessman but he also pushes me to be the best husband and Father I can be. He is amazing and so positive! 

— Ed Peper, U.S. Vice President, GM Envolve

Frequently Asked Questions

We typically start with a six month engagement, meeting virtually for 45 minutes twice a month. This gives you enough time to dig in, take action, and start to see results. 

Fill out our contact form, and we’ll connect to discuss the best option for you based on your needs and interests.

We’re confident that if you fully commit to individual coaching, you’ll unlock new levels of confidence, performance, and fulfillment at work and in life. If, within the first two sessions, you feel it isn’t working for you, just let us know. We’ll happily give you a full refund.

Real Results From Real Leaders

I had my best year in 2019 and it almost killed me! Kidding, but the stress level and work/life balance was so off that I needed to do something to change it. I wanted to continue to increase business but also wanted to be a loving husband, a present Dad, a good friend, and still find time to volunteer. In September of 2019, I decided to hire Marty as my business and life coach. We looked at my business and life from a bird’s eye view to proactively develop success strategies for all areas of my life. Marty does not know my business, but the way we talk about it and come up with new ideas is amazing. We talk and share ideas and Marty challenges me to think bigger! My business is currently up 60-70% year to date, but the key is I am doing it with a solid work/life balance, less stress, and a constant focus on implementing new strategies to scale and improve my team and business. Also, my customer service is improved with a net promoter score that is almost perfect in the busiest five months of my career. Most importantly, I am a better husband, more present father, and am enjoying life even more (even in a pandemic). I am now a better leader to my team, a better and more thoughtful employee, and have a vision of where I want to be and how to do it!

— Joseph Bigelman, Branch Manager and Mortgage Loan Consultant at John Adams Mortgage

Meet Marty

Founder & CEO

As the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Peak Performance International, I’m committed to helping successful leaders reach a level of confidence, performance, and fulfillment beyond what they thought was possible. In my time as a leadership and performance coach, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with a variety of professionals, from start up entrepreneurs to senior leaders at some of the world’s top companies. I hold a psychology degree from the University of Michigan and a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin and live in Metro Detroit with my wife, two children, and dog. I also enjoy serving on Boards of Directors for non-profit organizations and competing in triathlons with my friends. I can’t wait to help you reach your full potential at work and in life! 

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